Friday, August 24, 2007

A Comment about YouTube's New Comment System

YouTube has just launched a new comment system.Now, I wonder what this reminds me.

Hmmm. That really look familiar. Probably because it's very similar to the comment system on Digg.

Which is not a good thing, by the way. YouTube might want to be more social, but this kind of silly rating system will only bring in the ailments that are infesting digg - Vicious comment buries, stupid power games and a general air of competition and malice.

It's not because rating is a bad thing - it's because people just can't help themselves. Put a civilized man behind a keyboard and give him anonymity - and you get an evil, stupid monster.

This new design also adds to the clutter on each video page, which is not the most helpful thing. Add to this the Overlay Ads annoyance, and we are going further down the drain.

I enjoy YouTube's services and it's a regular site in my daily tour. Still, seems like ever since it was bought by Google, things aren't going in the right direction. The site seems less cool by the second. But is there a replacement out there? A real one?