Thursday, August 30, 2007

The One Book

All the books in the world are about to burn. This is the situation, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can save one book. Only ONE book. That will be the only book left for you to read - forever.

Which book will it be?

For me, that would have to be Dune, by Frank Herbert - the first in the series of the original 6 novels he has written. I return to this book over and over again - and each time it feels like a new adventure, thrilling and exciting, but also deep with meaning and thought.

I think I have read the entire series about 6 times - cover to cover. And I never get bored. I always find new things, new hints, new complexities. I love the scope, the depth of the characters and the general ambiance. Still, the first book was the best, so that's "The One Book" for me.

What would be yours?


Wit said...

heh, I thought you'd say Bible or smth. hehe ;)

I'm a big fan of Dune, too!