Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is PostSecret Dead?

It seems that PostSecret has gone off the air, with no apparent reason. All that's left of the site is a Blogger template, empty of all content. I have searched the net and found no official explanation or even a wild theory. Most of the bloggers simply assume that the site is dead. The headlines mainly read "what happened to PostSecret?".

Google Trends shows PostSecret and "post secret" to be the hottest searches of the last 24 hours, but amazingly enough, no blogger or news site has chosen to check the story out and to find the reason behind the weird occurrence. The only near-report I have found was in the Orlando Sentinel, where they assume (without really checking) that PostSecret "seems to be having some technical problems this morning".

So what DID happen to PostSecret? Does anyone know?

UPDATE, 19:51:

Now rumor has it that PostSecret was shut down over a "national security" issue. According to the Daily Kos, a postcard depicting president Bush is to blame:

"The postcard in question depicts President Bush in a boat fishing with his father, the former President, and scrawled across the picture is the phrase, "I miss the way I used to feel." On the reverse of the card and in the same handwriting are two simple sentences: "I made a horrible mistake when we envaded(sic) Iraq. I'm sorry"...".

A report by the Orlando Sentinel suggests that Blogger shut down PostSecret, because they have mistakenly marked is as SPAM. Hmmm. Might be a good idea to back up my blog, then? If this is true, then Google really ought to seriously examine their methods of operation. Come to think of it, there is nothing new about THAT.

I hope we'll see PostSecret up and running again soon. And thank you guys in the comments :)

UPDATE, September 17th, 2007: PostSecret is up and running again. Crisis over.


Anonymous said...

this might have some answers

Blue Wizard said...

The Orlando Sentinel just updated their blog with some news, and I think it's fairly reputable. Frank seems to think that Blogger (Google) thought it was a spam blog and deleted it.