Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is Mixx the Real Digg Killer?

My opinion about Digg isn't a secret. I stopped using it because I think it's an abusive, violent, and boring site.

I tried and tested a few alternatives for Digg, but none was very satisfactory. I love the concept of a social site, where other users show me what's cool and hot on the net - but I couldn't find a site that really works.

Until I have discovered Mixx - probably the real Digg killer that we have been waiting for. According to TechCrunch, "Digg users, including top contributors, are showing an increasing amount of frustration with the Digg community, and many are leaving. Conspiracy theories that Digg auto buries stories with certain topics or linking to certain sites only compounds the problem".

So, I'm not the only one who thinks Digg is riddled with annoyances. Interesting.

Digg has a hard core of followers and zealots, who eagerly protect the site and its owners in any way they can. They attack in comments and they bury articles that point out the weaknesses in Digg.

The real power of the internet lies in the fact that every site has a replacement, and if you annoy and abuse your users long enough, they WILL leave and find another home. Nothing lasts forever - and on the net, nothing hardly lasts more than a few years.

Mixx seems like a very friendly site, with a lot of cool features that digg doesn't have. I agree with most of Link Bait Me's analysis of Mixx - and I think that Digg should be afraid.

It's not about the features or the personalization, although these ARE important elements. It's about the atmosphere and usefulness of the site. If I glimpse upon Digg's homepage, all I see are Apple stories, stupid new-age articles and Bush-bashing stuff. It's always the same. And it's brutal and violent, dominated by angry mobs and users-who-bury-for-no-reason.

I stopped using Digg and I also removed the Digg buttons from my blog. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end here. A lot of users are seeking refuge from Digg's tyranny, and they might have just found it in Mixx.


Dr. Barrett L. Mosbacker said...

I am new to Mixx. What is to keep what is happening at Digg from happening to Mixx, especially if many from the Digg community migrate to Mixx? From what I can tell there is nothing specific to the Mixx technology prevent the abuse. Your thougths?

Revital Salomon said...

Well, I don't think the solution is in technology, but in site management and in the general atmosphere that is being rendered throughout the site. Digg has a violent atmosphere and users respond to it.

One little thing that Mixx has done right from the get-go, for example, is the fact that the site shows who voted down on a story. That eliminates a lot of the power plays.

If the site's moderators keep their eye on the users and won't let things get out of hand, if they ban ONLY for a good reason and not because a power group decided to take revenge, and so on, then we have a chance for a better, more pleasant site.

Daducha said...

I quite agree with you that Mixx members are a bit more friendly and respectful than the Digg members. But as of now, Digg still gives a lot of traffic, maybe that's why a lot of people are sticking to it. An alternative site like Mixx is a welcome change. said...

Good article, and thanks for the link.