Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Japan Sets Out to Murder 1,000 Whales

Japan's whaling fleet set sail for the Antarctic, where it plans to capture and kill around 1,000 whales for "scientific" purposes - despite international protests.

For the first time, it plans to include around 50 humpback whales, which environmentalists say are still endangered.

It is feared that the Japanese will target the only White Humpback Whale in the world, named Migaloo.

A hard-line environmental group, Sea Shepherd, said Tuesday it planned to intercept Japan's whaling fleet in Antarctic waters as soon as possible.

An official with the group said its ship, Robert Hunter, was in dry dock preparing for a voyage to the Antarctic, and would sail from Melbourne on December 1st.

Japan argues that whale populations have recovered enough to allow a managed catch for scientific purposes - but much of the whale meat hauled in ultimately ends up on Japanese supermarket shelves.

There's no doubt about it - Japan is setting out for a voyage of murder. Fancy words won't change the facts.

I really hope they will be stopped. If you want to help out, you can donate to Sea Shepherd, or spread the word and don't let this atrocity pass you by.

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