Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Show me How it Sucks

How it Sucks, a relatively new site, wants to help you to know how much a product sucks - before you think of buying it.

So, instead of rating bars that show how GOOD the product is, How it Sucks shows you how BAD it is.

The idea is amusing and not so bad, but the site doesn't rely on its own data. Product reviews and the "suckiness" rating are taken from another site, you all know very well - Amazon.

So basically, all this site ads is a graphic representation of the supposed level of quality of the product. Which isn't much. I am guessing that all the links to Amazon are through their affiliate program. Ah, here it is - at the bottom of the site it says "in association with Amazon". Very cool association, fellas.

So what we are seeing here is a nice way to make a few bucks without much of an effort in the content department. The design ain't much to talk about, either. The gimmick is cute, but in the end, this site doesn't really add any value to a shopper looking for opinions on an item. Can I hear you say "Web 2.0 bullshit"?