Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Malware Warning: Shareaza isn't Shareaza!

Torrentfreak published an amazing story. Apparently, the domain Shareaza.com, formerly home of the hugely popular p2p client, has been hijacked.

If you go to Shareaza.com now, you'll see the design has changed (although they stole some of the original graphics) but there is still a program for download. DO NOT download this software, as it is not Shareaza anymore. If you click on any on the links in the new, fake site, you'll see that they are actually leading to Shareazaweb.com - a known scam site.

According to Torrentfreak, "the software on offer from the hijacked site although labeled wShareazaV4.exe', is not Shareaza at all but likely a clone of the new malware infested iMesh/Bearshare client and should not be downloaded under any circumstances. Once installed, the software wants to install a search bar and make contact with a central server. Unlike Shareaza - which is abslutely free and has a reputation for being non-profit and shunning involvement with money - the hijackers are touting a subscription based product".

If you want to download the REAL Shareaza, get it from here.

This is not the first time that Shareaza has encountered problems. You can read about it in the Torrentfreak article. I hope they find a solution for the problem and recover their site. Good luck, guys. Your program rocks.