Sunday, January 20, 2008

All together now!

I love useless sites. The kind you can waste 5 minutes on, and then forget they ever existed. I suspect this will be the fate of this new site - Muxicall.

The object of this site seems to be "make some noise". You enter it, choose a user name and get access to a grid that enables you to play "music". You can choose to play the piano, strings or drums, and then you can randomly click on the buttons and have fun.

The catch is that EVERYBODY gets to do it at the same time. So, there's a lot of noise and mess, and it's quite amusing. Rather like hearing the neighbors' son practicing on his piano - only you get to make some noise in return.

Yet another "collaborative" site that will vanish in the blink of an eye. Have fun, that's all that matters.

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