Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Amy, time for rehab... No? No? No?

The Sun published an exclusive claiming that "WILD AMY WINEHOUSE was filmed blitzed out of her skull and struggling to talk after sucking in crack fumes from a glass pipe". In simple words, The Sun claims it caught Amy Winehouse smoking crack.

Here is the video, which quickly became highly popular in YouTube (big surprise):

Winehouse isn't a newbie when it comes to trouble, media buzz and gossip. In October 2007, Winehouse and her husband were arrested in Norway for possession of cannabis. The couple were later released and fined 3850 Norwegian kroner; In August 2007 the singer and her husband were photographed bloodied and bruised in the streets of London after a hotel room fight allegedly started when, according to the singer as quoted by a tabloid newspaper, she was spotted by her husband doing drugs with a call girl.

Since her rise to fame, Winehouse has denied having bipolar disorder, but admitted to having eating disorders and depression and self-harm.

So, if this video is legit, maybe it IS time for that Rehab, no? No? No?