Sunday, January 13, 2008

Missing your Pandora?

Those of us who don't reside in the US of A, were recently robbed of one of the best music sites on the net - Pandora. About a year ago, the owners of Pandora (an automated music recommendation and Internet radio service created by The Music Genome Project) claimed that they cannot afford the payments they need to make for royalties, and closed the service to surfers outside of the USA.

There many ways to connect to Pandora from outside the US, but it's not very convenient, and people who are not very technology-oriented found those ways (proxies and such) to be extremely difficult.

There are also many sites who claim to offer you a personalized music experience, but none really matched the qualities of Pandora, in my humble opinion. Those include, deezer and MeeMix, which was a real disappointment. If you wanted free music online, you were left with choices like SeeqPod - which is cool, but hardly personalized - or FilterMusic - which is a list of internet radio stations, albeit a very good one.

To make a long story short - if you miss Pandora like I do, and can't connect directly, you will love GlobalPandora - a simple site that allows you to connect to Pandora from anywhere on the globe - and it's the real thing. I'm not sure how long this site is going to hold on, but hey - Enjoy it while it lasts!