Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can this be True? Can Scientology delete Auctions from eBay's Database?

A post in "Reality Based Community" claims that the church of Scientology abuses eBay's VeRO program and deletes auctions it doesn't approve of.

According to the post, "The mechanism that permits the Church of Scientology (and others) such broad access and discretion is called the Verified Rights Owner ("VeRO") Program. Membership in VeRO is obtained simply by submitting a form to eBay explaining that you are an Intellectual Property rights holder".

If this is true, this is really outrageous. According to Slashdot, this isn't new. Scientology abuse of eBay has began as early as the year 2000: "eBay has been yanking auctions of e-meters because of complaints by the CoS".

According to Wikipedia, an E-meter is a device that uses a Wheatstone bridge to measure electrical resistance, manufactured by the Church of Scientology at their Golden Era Productions facility.

If these claims are true, this is truly outrageous. Lately, there have also been claims that Scientology receives illegal tax breaks and that Philips and Dell have troubling links with the cult.

Add to this the story about Shawn Londsdale, an outspoken Scientology critic, that was found dead in his house, in what seems to be a suicide, and you get a pretty creepy picture.

In the mean time, Anonymous promises the protests will continue. The latest message speaks of the "Ides of March":

Stay tuned for further developments.