Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who Needs Word? 13 Online Word Processors

The trend of using online services over local-based software is getting stronger.

I find myself using more and more services online. For example - Gmail instead of a POP3 client on a specific computer; Zamzar.com as a filer converter - instead of installing a converting software; Pixoh - for image editing, etc.

There are many who also use online services for word processing. I don't like Microsoft's Word very much, and there are many open source replacements for it (OpenOffice, AbiWord and more). I'd like to do some online editing now and then, but most of these systems don't support Hebrew very well, which limits their usefulness to me.

Still, if you are into some online word processing, check out Mashable's list - 13 Online Word Processors.

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