Monday, March 24, 2008

Brent Spiner's Dreamland: A Biased Review

Yes, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Spiner. So this is a very biased review of his new CD.

Ever since I first heard Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back, I have been waiting to hear more of Brent Spiner's musical creations. A lot of people know Brent Spiner as Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation, or from his appearance in different movies. Actually, Brent is a multi-talent, and he is a great singer, as well as a wonderful actor.

Brent Spiner's official website was launched about 2 months ago, and with it the information about Dreamland - Brent's new CD.

Dreamland is a combination concept album and radio show. It's really an entire story, told in dialogs and songs. Brent sings along with Maude Maggart, whom he describes as "a sensational singer". Brent says that when he heard Maude, he was "knocked out". He looked up her website, bought her CDs, and thought, "It's gotta be her or I'll be so disappointed".

Maude and Brent are a great couple. The CD is absolutely wonderful and moving. The songs are sweet and charming, Maude is a great singer, and Brent's voice is beautiful. The storyline is very romantic, and funny at times. No big surprises to my taste, and the end is happy as it should be.

The story was written by Brent himself, and was arranged, orchestrated and conducted by John McKinney.

Dreamland is a pleasant, sweet listening experience. It's not your usual song-after-song CD, and it needs your attention in order for you to enjoy it. I heard it on the road and loved it. If you are a Brent Spiner fan, then this CD will make you very happy.

You can buy the CD or download the songs in Brent Spiner's Official Website.


Buxton said...

Hi, I found your blog looking for information about Brent Spiner, I'm delighted to know about the Dreamland experience. I really liked your blog. Congratulations. I hope mi blog someday looks as good as yours.

Revital Salomon said...

Thanks Buxton :) I don't think it's much of a design, and although I am more of Wordpress fan - I kinda like this blog, too :P