Saturday, March 15, 2008

Judge Denies Scientology's Request for an Injunction against Anonymous Demonstrations

Another small win for Anonymous: Scientology can't have a court order restraining Anonymous protesters this weekend: "This court is mindful of the anxiety that may be caused by anonymous threats of violence, or as a series of seemingly unconnected incidents, be they on the Internet or otherwise. However, the jurisdiction of the court must only be exercised to specifically restrain those known individuals that are shown to have some reasonable nexus to the actual threats complained of in the petition."

The Church of Scientology tried to prevent Anonymous from protesting on the birthday of the Church's leader, the late Ron L. Hubbard. The lawsuit alleged that Scientology churches around the world have been bombarded with harassing phone calls, obscene e-mails, bomb threats and death threats by members of Anonymous.

Anonymous condemned acts or threats of violence that may have occurred and said they were not the work of Anonymous. They urged demonstrators this weekend to protest peacefully and legally.