Monday, March 10, 2008

My 14 All-Time Favorite Internet Video Clips

I watch a lot of online clips. I get them from many places. Mostly it's because I enjoy discovering new, funny, amazing or horrifying clips. It's also my job to know what's hot on the net, so I have to keep updated.

Most of the time, I see a clip, enjoy it and forget about it. The flow of information on the web doesn't allow for too much attention of the net's tidbits. Still, every now and then there are clips you remember (mostly the funny ones, I admit) and go back to watch over and over again.

Here is a list of my current 14 favorites. When I present a "YouTube tour" to a friend, I usually show them at least 2-3 of these clips. Of course, this list is only correct for the time being. Times change and clips come and go, but for the time being, here they are:


Bianca Ryan's first audition on
America's Got talent - When I first saw this clip, I was SURE it was lip-syncing. I mean - a voice like that, coming out of a small child - it really blew my mind. Every time I watch her I get the shivers. She is truly amazing. No wonder she took the first place. Still, I haven't heard anything good from her ever since. I hope she comes up with a good CD soon.


Einstein, the Amazing Parrot
- Animals always steal the attention. Talented, unique animals are something you remember. There she is, then - the amazing African Gray Parrot.


The kid with the most evil parents on earth - It's hilarious, but very cruel. Parents scare the shit out of their child, using the computer. Mean. But funny. But still MEAN!


Sparta - The Mean Kitty Song - Talk about incredible User Generated Content. I remember seeing this clip when it just had 250,000 views, and I watched it go through the roof. A winning combination of a cute cat, a cute guy and a cute song.


Brent Spiner and the Hilarious Theater Story - Brent Spiner is one of my favorite actors. He is talented and funny, and also an amazing singer (His new CD, Dreamland, is available for sale in his new official site). Some of you might not know this, but Brent is a well-experienced theater actor. Sometimes, extremely funny shit can happen on theaters, mind you.


Achmed, The Dead Terrorist - I admit, I was really late picking up this stupidly funny ventriloquist act. Nonetheless, I consider it one of my faves. It has over 36 million views on YouTube. Amazing.


The Stoned Smurfs - "Ha-Dardasatlanim" (הדרדסטלנים) - OK, this is in Hebrew, so most of you won't understand what it's about. Basically a genius parody about some of our beloved childhood TV series, plus some shrewd remarks on the pot-heads culture. This is actually the 2nd clip of this "mini-series" - I think it a hell of a lot better than the first.


Amen Brothers - The world's most important drum loop - This clip is not your average YouTube thing. For starters, it's not funny and contains no animals. It actually contains nothing but a mysterious voice that tells the story of a single drum loop that has influenced the music industry in amazing ways. Give it the 18 minutes it demands. It's worth it.


Hayagur Ra-Ev (היגור רעב) - Yet another Hebrew creation, from the much earlier days of the net. A simple, ugly flash movie, that makes me tremble with laughter every time I see it.


Why You shouldn't Throw Paper-clips at your Co-workers - Simple, violent, hysterical and represents something that most of us wanted to do at some point of our lives.


Kevin Smith lets a stupid idiot HAVE IT - I adore Kevin Smith. He is talented, funny and original. He is also a great story teller, which is why his lectures draw out such big crowds. He usually answers questions in those lectures, and as you know - there are assholes everywhere. Kevin gets an asshole question, and answers right back. Best snappy comeback EVER.


Bad Day at the Office - Sure, it's a commercial. But it's a damn good one, and represents well some of the terrible frustrations of a cubical slave (ah, sorry, "WORKER").


Wake Up Cat - This is a fairly recent one. It's animated, clever, has a cat in it and is generally telling the real story about cats, the way only true cat-owners can identify with. I believe it's all true.


The Internet is for Porn - This clip just sums it up so well. And it contains WoW characters. What else do you need? A catchy song by Avenue Q, cool animation by some computer geek and a phrase that says it all - THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN. The rest is just for background.


Grundeis said...

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see any of the movies...

Revital said...

Grundeis, I don't know - I can see them fine.

Grundeis said...

Can you add links?

Revital said...

Grundeis, here you go. Best check your FLASH settings, it's weird you can't see embedded YouTube clips.

Grundeis said...

I'll do that.
Thanks :)

Lilach said...

חלקם מעולים!
נ.ב כשרשמת שמדובר בטוח בפרסומת...פרסומת למה בעצם?

Revital Salomon said...

Hey Lilach, I think it's an Actimel commercial.

Moddy said...

hayagur ra-ev is the lolmost thing i've seen in a very long time. Thanks.