Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Aonymous Video against Scientology

After a period of relative silence, Anonymous releases a new Anti-Scientology video to YouTube. The message brings nothing new to the public. Seems like a "we are still here" sort of thing.

From the speech, which was given, as usual, in a distorted voice: "You may have heard of us, or you may have not. We are a collective of people who gather on the internet and wage an on-going campaign against the Church of Scientology. We do not question its beliefs, but its methods that we deem both destructive and criminal".

Anonymous also invites more people to join the cause: "Become who we are and join our cause, fight against the Church of Scientology by educating yourself about it so you may educate others".

The end of the clip shows some flashes of news updates, where Anonymous was mentioned.