Wednesday, September 24, 2008

15 Typing Games, Tests and Lessons to Help you Type Faster and Better

Touch-typing is a very important skill, and not only if you are a secretary or a typist. Every blogger, chatter, content manager - and anyone who does business online - knows that fast typing is a crucial computer skill. Fast typing can really help you save time, money and energy when working or socializing online. There are quite a few FREE online ways to help you improve your typing skills.

So, here are 15 games, tests, lessons and resources, to help you type faster and better. Improve your typing skills with these cool sites and tools.

I personally think it's the best way to improve your typing speed AND have fun. If you are an advanced typist already, you'll enjoy these games even more. After the games, I listed some free typing tests and typing lessons. Have fun!

  1. Typer Shark - very challenging and cute game by the masters in PopCap games. The game gets real hard after a while. Plus, it has this real nifty Jaws theme music bit, every time a shark gets too close. I wonder if they paid royalties for that...

  2. Typing Ninja Hunter - Good game for beginners. Advanced typists might find it a bit boring. Still, ninjas are always cool.

  3. Alpha Attack - great and addictive game on MiniClip.

  4. Fingerjig - This typing game also has a Facebook application.

  5. QWERTY Warriors - This game can get really intense. You are surrounded by enemies that shoot you, and have to kill them by typing the word next to them. It's basically type fast or DIE!

  6. A collection of typing games on They also have typing tests and typing lessons.

  7. Another collection of typing games.

  8. A typing test on Powertyping.

  9. Another speed typing test.

  10. How fast are you - a short and quick typing test. At the end you'll see how you ranked and also get a code for a button to show off in your blog or site.

  11. Yet another free typing test.

  12. Peter's Online Typing Course - looks a bit old-school, but offers an in-depth typing course, and it's free.

  13. Free QWERTY Typing Lessons.

  14. VisiBone Touch-Typing Tutor.

  15. Firefox Add-on: Addictive Typing Lessons. Yes, they have an add-on for that, too. Firefox rulez!


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