Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome: Links, Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Google Chrome is out there, and making a lot of noise over the internet. I have tried it and found it easy and quick - but uninstalled it eventually, because of its stinking EULA. Plus, I love Firefox way too much, and it takes more than a flashy Google creation to make me part with it.

Still, the emergence of a new browser, one that was created by an internet giant, is a very interesting event, worthy of our interest. Here are some links to the most interesting posts, debates, tips, tricks, hacks and information about Google Chrome:

That's it for now, hope you found this list useful!

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Anonymous said...

I find google chrome a very useful and fast browser as comparing to internet explorer and firefox. One thing which I have noticed on my computer is that as I use internet explorer and firefox to explore web pages my windows slow down as I open more pages but using google chrome it doesn’t happened! my windows performance increased using google's new browser CHROME I LOVE IT!