Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Great Time Management Games

Ready to dash around, dish out food, serve customers and run your own business - only as a game? In that case, you are looking for Time Management Games. These games require you to complete multiple tasks in a limited period of time. You have to balance quickness and efficiency, customer service and cleaning up; You have to keep all of your clients happy, serve them quickly, give them the correct order and serve as many people as possible for high scores.

Don't forget the chains if you wanna score big - do similar actions in a row, and you'll get bonuses that will help you reach your target score.

Here are 5 great time management games:

Cake Mania

Cake Mania is a lovely game, in which you have to serve cakes to your impatient customers. Every cake is different - the shape, the frosting and the additional decorations - and each action takes a different amount of time. You have to keep your customers happy while serving them their desired cakes. The game had two sequels - Cake Mania 2 and Cake Mania 3.

As with most time management games, the first levels are very easy, but the difficulty increases rapidly. It's an enjoyable, colorful game, and it gets very challenging at the high levels.

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Diner Dash

This immensely popular game was first published in 2004 and became a major hit. Diner Dash is one of the classics in the time management genre. The game involves seating customers and guiding Flo (the main character) around the restaurant to serve customers. The game got a lot of attention for a casual game, and even got mentioned in the NY Times.

The graphics are not impressive and the games can get a bit "more of the same", but we're still talking about a classic with many sequels, and generally a good game to try out as your first time management game.

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Burger Shop

Burger Shop is a seriously cool game. It's looks like a regular time management game - serve the costumers, keep them happy, be quick etc., but it has its twists and winks, and it also has very cool music and sweet graphics. The humor isn't bad, either. It's also one of the more challenging games in this list - probably the hardest of them all. I really enjoyed it and recommend it as one of the best time management games around.

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Cooking Dash

This rather new game feature the same main character from Diner Dash - Flo. This time Flo has parted from her cook and has to run the entire diner herself (with the help of her grandmother) - including cooking. Cooking Dash is harder than Diner Dash and requires a bit more speed and concentration. It's challenging and fun, and getting those expert scores isn't easy at all.

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Miriel the Magical Merchant

Miriel is an ordinary girl with extraordinary talents. In this time management game, you need to help Miriel manage her busy shop and fulfill her dreams. There's also a story line with quest-like choices, but it doesn't contribute much to the game itself. The game is unique and captivating in its different design and music. Miriel needs to serve customers but also cook - which complicates things further. There are also recipes of everything Miriel learns to cook, which is a lovely addition.

I really like this game, especially because of its uniqueness, cool music and different story line and approach. If you tried every possible time management game and you are hungry for more - Miriel the Magical Merchant offers a refreshing breeze of gameplay.

>> Download Miriel the Magical Merchant

That's it - hope you enjoy the games! If you your own favorite games, you are more than welcome to tell us in the comments!