Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flash 10 and Wordpress Image Uploading Problem

WordPress and image uploading problems is an old story. The last time I had a WordPress image uploading problem, I spent a couple of hours figuring it out.

Today, I tried uploading a picture to my Hebrew blog - and couldn't. The upload button simply didn't respond, and no browsing window popped out like it should have. I first thought it might be a Firefox problem - so I closed the browser and restarted the PC. That didn't help, of course.

Then I remembered that yesterday I installed Flash 10 - and something clicked in my head. Flash 10 was supposed to solve quite a few bugs related to Firefox, YouTube and such. Maybe it solved some bugs - but it just created a new one - WordPress 2.5 and Flash 10 just don't mix. Since the entire image-uploading interface in WordPress is built in Flash - we have a problem here.

The solution I found is very simple - install a WordPress plugin that disables the flash uploading - and you're done!

Good luck!

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