Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top 10 Cool and Funny Animal Videos

Animals are the stars of the internet. They are everywhere, especially in clips. Although cats dominate the plethora of animal videos from around the world, there is plenty of room for other critters to show their worth.

Some of them are funny, others interesting, but mostly they are simply incredible. And now, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Cool and Funny Animal Videos from around the net:

Knut the Polar Bear

Yes, OK, it's just because he's so cute. But, damn, he IS so CUTE! Knut the Polar bear also has an interesting story behind the clips, which adds to the coolness. Did I mention he was cute?!

The Liger

It's half a lion, half a tiger, weighs 900 pounds and amazing to watch. The Liger.

The Ninja Cat

A relatively new clip to the YouTube scene, this ninja cat has stirred a lot of interest - and got quite a few views, and mostly - a lot of laughs.

Chicken Police

OK, OK, that's enough out of you. Break it up now. BREAK IT UP I SAID!!!

Battler At Kruger

What haven't been said about this amazing capture of nature's drama? One of the most viewed and rare clips on the net. Very much worth eight and a half minutes of your time.

Pleo at Seaworld

This is a cute little video that starts up as nothing much. Skip to 1:46 to catch the real fun - the dolphins see Pleo for the first time and sweetness ensues.

Einstein the Parrot

We know that African Gray Parrots are smart. But just how smart are they? Watch this clip and find out for yourself.

Christian the Lion

I actually had a hard time picking just one of the myriad of versions and edits of Christian the Lion. It matters not. The story is amazing, and if you don't get just a wee-bit emotional when you see this clip, you probably don't have a heart.

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus

As an avid scuba diver and Octopus lover, I had my breath taken away by this clip, who was presented to me by Amir Gur - a great friend and a fellow sea lover.

Spiders on Drugs

What happens when you introduce spider to psychoactive drugs? Hilarious.


The all-time best kitten video online!!!

Spike the Kitten
Because he's cute, he's funny, he's a fireball and he's all mine.

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Atlas Caproni said...

Hey! I'm Atlas Caproni, and I'm a teenage wildlife warrior dedicated to bringing people the AWESOMNESS of nature.

I'm trying to help Florida's softshell turtles, and without better protection they're going to be in a load of trouble.

This is a vid I filmed and made about them. Could you put it on your blog? Thanks! :)
Here's the URL:

coffee fiend said...

that ninja cat has the cutest face ever