Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Top 13 Videos of 2008

YouTube and other video-sharing sites are a regular part of our lives on the net. Every year brings out some new funny videos, cool new talents, interesting viral videos and tons of fun-clips-to-watch.

2008 was a very intense year in terms of internet marketing and videos. The US elections brought out a lot of interesting videos, and it seems the winner, Barack Obama, was also the one who knew how to put this medium to the best use.

In my list of the Top 13 Videos of 2008 you won't find any political videos. Only fun, funny and interesting videos.

Pork and Beans

So many YouTube stars in one clip - even though the song ain't much to talk about, the concept is nice and was a huge success as a viral video. Among other highlights, you can spot the Dramatic Chipmunk, Chris Crocker, The Chocolate Rain kid, The Diet Coke and Mentos guys, The Evolution of Dance dude and more.


A sweet animated movie about the love of octopuses. Cute, funny and touching.

"Star Wars" - an a Capella tribute to John Williams

A fairly recent YouTube success story - one geek, one a Capella band and a great idea.

Gary Kasparov and the Flying Penis

Sure, it happens to all of us. One day, a flying penis attacks!

Ninja cat

Cats are known for making hit videos on the net. This one is no different - nothing directed or created - just a cat and its owner. A bit creepy but very funny.

Reporter Goes Ghetto

You can get the reporter out of the Ghetto, but you can't get the Ghetto out of the reporter.

The Simpsons - Mapple Store

I am not a very big fan of the Simpsons in recent years, but this little piece of animated satire is very sharp, funny and hits the right points.

I'm Fucking Matt Damon by Sarah Silverman

This clip was a huge hit at the beginning of 2008 - and rightfully so. It's hilarious, wicked and has Matt Damon in it.

Dramatic Lemur

Creepy as hell. The heir of the Dramatic Chipmunk, of course, although not as successful.

Go Shorty

This clip just goes to show you don't need a complex production to make something cool, funny and viral.

Pleo at Sea World 2008

This is one of the cutest, sweetest videos ever made. I don't think the maker intended it to become so wonderfully adorable, but when you combine dolphins, curiosity and a cool dino-robot - you get a great clip.

#1 - We have a tie!!!

The clips who share the #1 Spot:

The Website Is Down: Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

Man, oh man. I couldn't decide which is better, so I put 2 very different clips in the first place. The first one, The Website Is Down, is a great, hilarious, geeky creation. It's a very sarcastic but realistic look at the life of a tech-support person, and it hits some very sharp points. Well done!

Christian the Lion

Even if you are a cynical, cold-hearted bastard, you can't avoid being moved by this clip about two men, a lion and true friendship and love between man and nature. This clip has so many versions, edits and mixes, it's hard to tell where it all started, but it is certainly hugely popular, moving, sweet and involves a cat. A BIG cat. And that's really all you need to become the top clip of 2008.


amir said...

This lemur almost choked me a minute ago!!!
Very cool stuff!

coffee fiend said...

ninja cat == classic