Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 7 Bruce Willis Movies

Bruce Willis is the King. The Man. The ultimate loser-but-hero. And a great actor, too :-). As you can see, I think Bruce is great, and I love the movies in which he starred. It wasn't easy for me to choose, and I'm sure many won't agree with my selection, but here are my Top 7 Bruce Willis Movies:

The Sixth Sense
With its surprising ending and troubling plot, this movie is a great one to watch. Bruce isn't playing an action hero here, but The Sixth Sense still brings out the best of him.

Hudson Hawk
A quirky little movie that became some sort of a cult film. The combination of Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello works very well, the song bits are great and the humor is sweet.

12 Monkeys
If Hudson Hawk was quirky, 12 Monkeys is just plain weird. It's not an easy movie to watch, but Willis and Pitt give an amazing performance, conducted by Terry Gilliam. A great Sci-Fi movie!

Despite being a bit kitschy, Armageddon is a great action movie, in which Bruce Willis portrays his classic character - a loving father that has family problems, works in a dangerous profession and becomes a hero against his will. The drama is intense and the cast is amazing. A great movie that you can watch many times over, even though you already know the end.

The Fifth Element
Yet another sci-fi movie for Bruce, but this time it a lot more colorful, funny and action-packed. Bruce Willis is a true action hero this time, with a touch of humor (Chris Tucker the crazy) and romance, with a unique plot, a great cast and mind-blowing customs. And of course - AUTO WASH.

Die Hard 2 - Die Harder
It was hard to choose one Die Hard movie over the others, since these are all true Willis classics. The first Die Hard was good, the third had Samuel Jackson in it (always a great experience) and the fourth was crazily action-packed (albeit a bit stupid). Still, the second Die Hard movie is my top choice - the drama is intense, the bad guys are seriously evil and McClane is really all alone in his battle against time and the baddies. Plus, no PG13 bullshit on this one.

The Last Boyscout
Yes. The Last Boyscout. By far my favorite Bruce Willis movie. It may not be the first movie you associate with Bruce Willis, but it's such a fucking classic (pun intended): The ultimate tough-loser-guy, with his family falling apart and his job going nowhere, gets involved in a criminal plot, with too many people trying to kill him. Cool and funny as usual, Joe Hallenbeck doesn't give up and wins the day, although he's rather beat up by the end of it.

The movie is ultra-violent, action-packed and with some of the best dialogues around. For me, the best moment of the movie, which encapsulates it all, is not in an action scene or witty dialogue, but rather in a short monologue that Willis utters to his rear view mirror:
"Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. You're gonna lose. Smile, you fuck.".