Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caffeine: Google's New Search Engine

Seems like Google is feeling a bit of pressure. Two weeks after the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal, Google is announcing a new-renewed search engine, code named Caffeine.

Although Google claims this is NOT a counter-move that comes as a response to any other company, it seems a bit more than a coincidence that the might search giant has chosen to release its new search engine now.

Google's logo in 1998

Google has been having some problems lately - some of its services weren't a big success and were closed; Google's image as a censor doesn't help either; AdSense and AdWords users are reporting problems and clashes with Google; Twitter is getting stronger and Google has no real answer to real-time searches - and much more.

The new Google search engine is still in Beta version, and Google claims that regular users might not notice the difference between the old Google and the new Caffeine. Power users, however, might see the differences in speed, accuracy, relevancy and more. Google invites users to send it feedback regarding the new search engine.

A bit of testing and tinkering with Google's new search engine revealed the following:

  • Caffeine is faster than the regular Google search. That might change after the entire internet will knock on its doors.
  • The results are displayed differently - there are more images, clips and news.
  • Much more Site Links.
  • Rankings are different. I am regularly monitoring some search terms (both in Hebrew and in English), and I could see some significant changes. SEO experts are in trouble - it seems that at least some modifications will need to be made.
The war just got more intense. It will be interesting to watch, of course.

Some relevant links regarding the new Google search engine:


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