Monday, November 2, 2009

Gmail Attachment Fail Solutions

Ever since Google implemented the advanced attachment features in Gmail, a lot of users have experienced problems with attaching big files to Gmail outgoing messages. Most users simply get an "Attachment Failed" red error message, and the file stops uploading.

There are several solutions for the Gmail attachment failure

  1. Change your connection to https: Gmail enables you to connect through a secured connection (https). This option actually solves other problems, as well, like stuck Gmail that won't load properly. To change the way you connect to Gmail, go to Settings ---> General. Under "Browser Connection" mark the option "Always use https". Scroll down and hit "Save Changes".

  2. Remove Google Toolbar: There's a known issue with Google toolbar, Firefox and Gmail file uploads. Try uninstalling the Google toolbar, and see if it helps. Besides, what do REALLY need it for?

  3. Change Attachment Settings: Go to Settings ---> General. Scroll to the bottom and under "Attachments" mark the option "Basic attachment features - Attach one file at a time and don't show progress bars".

  4. Update your Flash version: The advanced attachment feature on Gmail works on Flash. Check if you have the latest version.

  5. Check your firewall: Make sure your firewall isn't blocking Gmail on any port. There's a slim chance that this might be the problem.

  6. Use Basic HTML on Gmail: Although this isn't an ideal solution, you might want to consider it, at least temporarily. It's a good solution especially for those working on slower, weaker computers.

  7. Get another e-mail service: OK, I know this isn't really a solution. Still, if all else fails, you should remember that Gmail isn't the only mail service out there. You can use your own ISP e-mail or get another mail service, such as Yahoo or Hotmail. If you own your own site, your hosting will usually provide with limitless e-mail addresses and limitless e-mail storage, so use it.