Friday, September 28, 2007

How come they never killed Wesley Crusher?

Star Trek: TNG celebrates 20 years today, or so they say.

I remember watching this show when I was in high school, and trying hard not to miss any episodes. Still, time had its effect, and I didn't get to see the entire 7 seasons. Recently I have decided to correct this mistake, I got a hold of the entire 187 episodes, and started watching season one.

To tell you the truth, the 1st season isn't very impressive. Everything seems a bit rickety, the characters are awkward and the shooting angles reminded me of over-dramatic soap operas. Only Q reigns supreme, as usual. I had no idea that he was there on the first episode of the first season.

I was also surprised to discover that the very-well remembered episode, in which Data and Tasha sleep together, is one of the first episodes of the series.

Boldly I have waded through the 1st season, and it was worth it - the rest of the seasons just got better and better. Seasons 4-7 are the best, in my opinion.

The episodes at the end of the seasons tended to be very good, not just because of the cliff-hangers, but simply because the plot had more time to develop. The bottom line is that the series survives the test of time - it's still enjoyable these days, and because of special effects or a twisted plot-line.

I just have one question, though - Why oh why did you bother with Wesley Crusher for the entire length of the series? I mean, it's OK to have annoying characters, but he was so much above and beyond that. He is the guy that gets beat up at school - not because he's smart, but because he so damn nerdy. I mean, how can you spend so much time on the coolest starship in the sector, and still come out an idiot? You offed Tasha rather easily, why not the boy?! Even Picard loathed him!

This can really go on and on, but I thought of summing it up in a very concise list:

Favorite character and best actor: Data - Brent Spiner
Most annoying character: Wesley Crusher
Most annoying female character: Tough battle between Diana and Beverly
Coolest Gadget: Tircorder
Most Disappointedly not-sexy character: Riker
Most needed to be killed character: Wesley Crusher
The thing I would probably abuse the most: Holodeck
The stupidest thing: WHERE ARE THE SEAT BELTS?
Favorite Episodes: Anything with Q and/or Data as stars.
Coolest Character: Q
Most uncool Character: Wesley Crusher