Monday, November 5, 2007

File Destructor 2.0: Send Corrupt Files

Now, why would anyone want to send corrupt files? Most people seek ways to restore damaged files, and not the other way around!

Well, File Destructor 2.0 has a genius notion: Say you have an exam or an assignment. The dead-line is getting near, but you feel it's much more important to gain another level in WoW or play Guitar Hero III. You need to send that file to your teacher, no matter what.

What do you do? Simply use File Destructor 2.0 to send a CORRUPT file. When the receiver can't open it, you get a delay of a day or two - and it's not your fault! The file get messed up somehow, you just don't know how!

Brilliant. You can also use this to annoy your friends and co-workers. Send them shitty files, and then say indignantly - "Hey, how many times do I have to send you this document!!! What are you doing with it? Stop ruining my work!!!".

The fun never ends.