Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet More Proof that Vista is a Piece of Shit

The hell that a simple computer user goes through with Vista is hard to describe. A while back, a friend of mine needed my help - his laptop was sluggish and buggy, although it was a new one. The obvious culprit was Vista. After a long, hard battle, I managed to get his computer to a manageable level.

The troubles didn't end there. He wasn't the only one with Vista problems. Complaints about the new Microsoft junk-OS are all over the place - friends, colleagues, bloggers, surfers - all tell the tale of the Vista Horror Show. My friend and his laptop finally gave up. I "upgraded" him back to XP, and all is well, for now.

And lo and behold - even Microsoft employees can't handle the piece of crap that's Vista. Internal e-mails of Microsoft employees, published online by The New York Times, reveal that corporate vice president for Windows product management Mike Nash, says he "got burned" after purchasing a notebook computer advertised as "Vista Capable" that was actually incapable of running Vista.

Nash wasn't the only one - Microsoft's chief operating officer, Jon Shirley, chose not to install Vista after discovering it was not compatible with his printer and two scanners.

So, even Microsoft can't handle Vista. Why should we, then?


Anonymous said...

I loaded one optional SATA driver for it won't boot...and the repair option won't load the RAID drivers, so it can't see the OS to repair.

It definitely is a piece of SHIT !

Anonymous said...

I definitely identify with the senitment that Vista is a piece of shit.

I got 2 identical laptops purchased within a week of each other. One runs on XP, the other - you guessed it- Piece of **** . Do I have to describe how annoying it is to use the Vista machine?

Anonymous said...

I will bet money that Window$ 7 will be a piece of shit too.

Microsoft made a fatal mistake when they released XP. They actually released something that worked like is was supposed to. Why would anybody go out and buy a new OS when they already have one that works great? That's why the future of Micro$oft is defective by design... to get people to buy more defective junk to replace their old defective junk...

The alternative is going to Mac which is like replacing a new defective ford with a new defective chevy... or you can switch to Linux which is like switching to a new defective Dodge (which was made in Kazakhstan).

I guess that a multi-billion dollar company like Micro$oft can't figure out how to make one CD worth of software work right.

It looks like the only way out of this cycle of abuse is Linux... someday. It sounds crazy but people got sick of Internet Explorer and switched Firefox. All Micro$oft & Linux have to do is keep doing what they're doing and that will be the case... someday (maybe).

Anonymous said...

Vista Ultimate, the "ultimate" piece of shit.

After having some problems with XP, I thought why not upgrade to Vista. I already had spent the dough for a package deal with MS only to find the true deception of a technilogical giant, Vista. I find it just the oposite now, whimpy.

After going through countless hours to finally get the Ultimate version to install, the damn thing does upgrade as it should, blue screens with random errors (which of course MS has no fix for them), and a ton of pop ups of multiple services that stopped working.

That's when it really hit me, MS is trying to tell me that Vista is not working. It really is a piece of shit and they know it.

Next step to a happy computer, I plan on installing XP again until I can save enough drive through change to buy a MAC.

So "Ultimately" if you want a great computer, wait another 3 months and then you can afford that MAC. Your worries will be over and all the money spent on Tylenol can be used to purchse cool games or SW for your MAC.


Anonymous said...

I just got a new Asus P6T with Vista Ultimate, I've reinstalled it twice, and the Hibernate never works, nor does the sleep mode. I have to turn off the power supply to restart, every time almost. I've wasted 2 weeks, and at least 35 hours on this. Of course I can't phone anyone at microsoft, they dont have a phone number that I have found anyway, nothing on the pachage. I'm going to learn Linux.

Anonymous said...

We now live in an age when people with power are all just well-connected fools. Vista is a perfect symbol for that situation.

Anonymous said...

Why should a "Personal" Computer user/owner have to hire an "Administrator" to get permissions to use his own properties?

effojyaj said...

I'm wondering if MS gives a better deal to companies like packard bell to NOT release xp drivers.

Anonymous said...

Vista can't even handle Internet Explorer, it keeps crashing and restarting automatically. There is probably some way I can fix it but I shouldn't have to, y'know? Vista was heralded as the most leading edge and advanced Op system when it first came out and now there's windows 7 which also sucks. Microsoft should have kept all the time and money making vista and windows 7 and invested it in making the last Op system anyone will ever need.