Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vintage, Retro, Old and Fun: A Journey to the First Days of the PC

Those were the days. The Apple ][e is the best computer ever made. Hours playing Karateka. The sound of the Commodore tapes. When 4 colors were an amazing thing on a screen. When they still made TV commercials for PCs. When Internet was only BBS. Those were the days.

Here are some clips that will take you back to the old days, the first days of personal computing - from Amiga to Commodore to Apple ][e and much more:

Apple II forever! (Hell, yes!)

100 Amiga games in 10 minutes

100 Commodore 64 games in 10 minutes

Karateka - This game never gets old!

Another Classic: Tapper!

Browsing the web with an Apple II - AMAZING!

Mac classic

Alleycat! No more explanations are needed.

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Gameplay (More of a speedrun, really)