Monday, December 1, 2008

Vista - the Fiasco is Complete

Almost any computer user that had an encounter with Vista has some horror stories to tell - from slow computers, to annoying user interface; from driver incompatibility to software problems. Everything goes. The conclusion was clear, even at the very beginning - Vista is a piece of shit.

Now, studies carried out by Gartner and IDC have found that because older software is often incompatible with Vista, many consumers are trying to get used computers with XP installed, rather than buying a new PC with Vista and downgrading. Yes, that's how bad it is - businesses now prefer to buy USED computers, just to avoid Vista.

Even firms like Intel announced XP would remain the dominant OS within the company for the foreseeable future.

This proves (as if we needed more proof) that Vista is a total failure, but it also emphasizes a very important notion - Don't rush into upgrading. There are many cases in which the old version of a software or OS is better and faster. Upgrading doesn't necessarily means you are getting a better product. In fact, in many cases - upgrading is completely not needed, and might even cause problems.

Staying with your current version of a certain software might not only save you some money, but also save you a whole bunch of trouble.