Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Internet in 1993

One of my favorite activities is indulging in computer nostalgia. Along with keeping up with the hottest, newest developments on the internet and in the computer industry, I boldly claim that the Apple ][e was the best PC ever made, I enjoy emulators very much and I miss the BBS days.

So, it was a great pleasure to encounter this particular video, which shows a news report about the Internet, way back in 1993. I must admit I wasn't connected to the internet in 1993. I was still struggling with busy BBS lines, chatting with 3-4 people maximum on the same time, and downloading files at 0.9 KB/s. Still, I was ONLINE, and it's wonderful to look back and see how it was 14 years ago.

Some of the things changed dramatically, but a lot stayed unchanged - we still chat and socialize, we download files and the trolls and flamers are still out there, in full force.