Monday, August 27, 2007

Not Pandora, but Very Cool

I just discovered this site: SeeqPod. You can search for music, and create an instant playlist. The results are very good and varied - I am listening to it right now and having a lot of fun.

Here is my current playlist:

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

Ever since Pandora has closed its gates to non-US users, I have been looking for a cool music site to listen to while I'm working on the computer (which is most of the day, really). I have tried finetune and was bored quickly; simply wasn't fun; and recently I ventured into MeeMix, which is supposed to guess your musical taste - but fails miserably.

SeeqPod isn't pretentious. It's simple, straight-forward and very fast. I typed in "Blackalicious" and got a myriad of songs that I love. Easy, quick and efficient - the way these things are supposed to be.

The "Discover" Button also allows for variation, and gives an opportunity to find music you don't know yet.

Cool site, I like it.