Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rock on, Eddie!

I was just thrilled to see this amazingly cool guitar solo, performed by Eddie Van Halen. Some days are just wonderful for Rock n' Roll.

Are we seeing the return of classic Rock? Led Zeppelin, The Police and Van Halen are reuniting, and Hip Hop sales are plummeting. Are we back to the old Drums-Base-Guitar combo? Does Guitar Hero have anything to do with this phenomenon?

Anyway, I have an extreme fondness for Van Halen, since "You Really Got Me" is the first and only song I have ever performed on stage, as a drummer. I remember this one-time show well, and it was a lot of fun to play this song. The crowd adored it, as well, and it made me understand how addictive and rewarding can a live music performance be. The adrenaline rush was incredible.

So, I have until December 3rd to save some money and get my ass off to KeyArena in Seattle. In the mean time, keep on rocking!