Thursday, October 4, 2007

The X Rated African Grey Parrot

I just recently came across this witty, rude parrot on YouTube:

Apparently she is a a real hit with a nice crowd of fans and followers. What can I say, it's really amusing to hear an African Grey curse like that, and in an British accent, no less.

I had quite a few African Greys when I was younger. They were all very smart, but one of them really topped the lot. He was a she, we discovered very late in our relationship. But that didn't really matter - we actually continued to refer to it as a male - it was too late to change that.

Jacko (that was his name) was very intelligent. When he imitated someone, he really captured the voice and accent. The most amazing thing, though, was that he knew the CONTEXT of things. For example, when the dog annoyed him, he'd reprimand him like we did. When my mother did the dishes, he uses to make the sound of water running down the drain. He used to sing along with his favorite songs - and much more.

He was friendly to us most of the time, and like to have his head scratched. He also gave kisses, which was very cute.

He was a great pet - too bad we only had him for a limited time, and then we had to give him back to its original owner. I am seriously thinking of getting an African Grey again. The prices are fairly high - but I mainly avoid getting a pet because I am not home most of the day, and I don't think it's good for any pet to stay alone for so long.

Anyway, enjoy the cussing parrot. Seems like she and her owner are having fun - and that's all that matters.