Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How the HECK did I miss THIS: Vintage Computer Festival

Man, oh man. I swim around the net ALL FUCKING DAY, and I had no clue that there's a thing called "Vintage Computer Festival", that's held every year.

How did I miss out on something as cool as that? After all, I hold the firm opinion that Apple ][e is the best PC ever made! I was born BEFORE the Commodore 64, for crying out loud. I am a child of the 80s! I grew up on EGA graphics and computer without Hard Drives. Sheesh.

Well, anyway, Wired has a gallery portraying the festival, that was held in Mountain View, California, USA. Too bad most of the pics are in some weird, twisted, fish-eye form.

It was the 10th annual festival, and turns out there is a European version of it in April. So, if all goes well - I am GOING! It's about time I start showing my face in geeky cons and fests. I might even dare a glance at something really extravagant, like DragonCon or FedCon, heaven forbid!

And next time, will someone please inform me about such important events?! Please? Isn't there a web 2.0 site dedicated to geeky events or something?