Monday, December 3, 2007

Is Japan whaling just for spite?

The murderous Japanese fleet has been on its way for about two weeks now. Their proclaimed purpose is scientific research, but we all know they are simply out to hunt and kill as many whales as they can.

Four vessels, including the factory whaler Nisshin Maru, are in the South Pacific. Their declared aim is to kill 935 minke whales as well as 50 fin whales under a loophole in the 1986 global ban on commercial whaling that allows countries a hunt of an undefined size, provided the dead whales are used for scientific purposes.

The Japanese claim that whale meat is an integral part of their markets and diet. Interesting claim, because I just read in Peter Heller's article in the LA Times, that most Japanese don't eat whale meat at all. Here are the stats from Heller's article:

"Only 1% of Japanese regularly eat whale meat. Only 11% support whaling at all. More than 4,800 tons of surplus whale meat is being stockpiled in freezers..."

So it's not about food. It sure as hell isn't about science. So what are the Japanese really trying to do here? Enrage the world? Kill for fun? For tradition? For spite? Heller is trying to explain: "The Japanese depend on seafood for 40% of their protein. If they accept international regulation on whaling, strict controls on fisheries may follow...". So, basically, they are afraid the international community will cause them to STARVE?

This entire issue is puzzling and horrible. It seems the Japanese have no real reason for whaling, except for some stupid form of national pride, a way to show the rest of the world: "We don't give a shit about you".

Most amazing of all, is that they are getting away with it. Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are on their way to stop the murder of whales, but that seems the extent of it. Aside for some weak protest, no country has really stood up against this senseless killing.

Here is what Sea Shepherd says on the matter: "We are obsessed with stopping the Cetacean Death Star, that viciously cruel killing machine otherwise known as the Nisshin Maru, and her ruthless fleet of hunter/killer boats armed with their explosive deadly blunt harpoons...".

All the best, guys. I hope you can stop those killers.