Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anonymous VS Scientology: A Call for Action in Boston

Here we are - yet another video by Anonymous (although the YouTube user isn't the same one as in the previous videos). This time the call for action is less cryptic and more to the point.

I wondered what is the meaning of February 10th, and Anonymous provided an answer. They invite "Boston area residents who are affiliated with Anonymous. Mark the date of February the tenth on your calendar. On that date we will congregate at 448 Beacon Street, Boston Massachusetts, at eleven a. m. to participate in the worldwide protest of Scientology".

Anonymous recommends bringing masks - thus protesters can avoid being identified. The demonstrations are supposed to be worldwide. I sincerely hope this is not a publicity stunt by some very sophisticated large company.

It also has been said that the Scientology cultists have struck back and that the main Project Chanology site is now down. Hard to say which is the MAIN site, because there are several interesting references to it. You can see one here.