Friday, February 1, 2008

The New Brent Spiner Official Site

After years without a real presence on the web (aside from some fan sites), Brent Spiner's Official Site is online.

All very glittery and shiny (I'm trying to avoid the Flash pun here). Something of a Broadway touch. Anyway, for avid Brent Spiner fans, the main news is that you can listen and pre-order Brent's new CD, which is called Dreamland. Orders are through PayPal only at this stage.

It would have been nice to add "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back" to the online store of the new site. I know many fans are looking for it, prices on eBay and Amazon are outrageous and it's really hard to come by that CD.

Also, I find it very odd that the "Contact" option in the site isn't really working. I hope it's a mistake and not an intentional thing.

As a huge fan, I am really glad to see Brent's online presence (finally!), and I hope the CD sales go well. Brent is an amazing singer. Obviously, someone there has started thinking "marketing", because a video of Brent's work on Dreamland has appeared on YouTube. Way to go, Brent, and all the best!