Thursday, March 6, 2008

When Photoshopping goes Too Far

It's really hard to convey the power of Photoshop to the average Joe. I mean, we want to believe that all those models are slim, trim and with perfect skin. We base a lot of our lives on that assumption, because a lot of us WANT to look like the hotties on a magazine cover.

You can do practically anything with Photoshop - remove extra weight, make the skin appear glamorous, change length of body parts, change eye and hair color, and much more. The tutorials are out there. You don't even have to be a professional graphics designer.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong when you use Photoshop carelessly. This is what THIS blog (Photoshop Disasters) is all about. A series of photos shows you what happens when you overdo it with the retouching. Freaky things happen - people lose their belly-button, limbs appear alien-like, heads disappear and much more. Amusing and a bit scary. There isn't reality anymore. Just a show.