Monday, May 12, 2008

How to Chase Away a Shark? Poke it in the Eye!

An Australian swimmer claims he managed to survive a great white shark attack, by poking the shark in the eye.

Jason Cull, the swimmer, was apparently seized by the left leg as he was swimming at Middleton Beach in southwestern Australia on Saturday.

“Initially I thought it was a dolphin but when it came up and banged straight into me, I realized what it was,” said Cull.

According to Cull, he struggled with the huge shark, and somehow managed to find its eye and poke it with his fingers. The shark then turned away and went back to sea. Cull's leg was seriously mauled, but he underwent surgery and since he is talking about it in the media, I guess he'll make it.

A teenage surfer was killed in a shark attack last month, bringing the death toll in Australia to 12 since 2000, according to US database International Shark Attack File.