Monday, May 12, 2008

Top 5 Games to Play When you are Pissed Off

There are always days like these. People are assholes. They can make you seriously upset, angry or generally pissed off. It might be your boss, your clients, your friends or your parents. Sometimes someone manages to push all of your buttons and make you mad as hell.

You feel like breaking something, kicking the shit out of someone, maybe you even feel like committing murder. Tempting as it may be, these are not positive actions in the real world. In the world of games, however, there are many options to engage in some violence, and vent some steam on the way.

Here are my top 5 games to play when you are pissed off:


God of War

God of War is a Playstation 2 game. It was released on 2005 and received strong praise from gaming critics. The game was praised for its strong gameplay, graphics, and sound. It's a good game. And it's full of blood and violence that you can create single-handedly. You have two mighty, magical swords at your disposal, and a few destructive spells. Killing monsters is fun!


Defend Your Castle

What sounds like a boring board game, is actually a cruel and funny game. It's simple. You are the owner of a castle. The enemies are attacking and you must defeat them. But here, you don't shoot or blast them. You simply grab them with your mouse, and throw them to kingdom come. They crash horribly on the ground, make a crunching sound and splash blood all over the place. Lovely! Careful, though: if you won't throw them hard and high enough, they will recuperate and keep on rushing your castle. So be harsh and effective! Pillage the Village is a similar game you might enjoy.

>> Click here to play Defend Your Castle


The Last Stand

One of the best zombie games ever made. It's creepy, a bit scary and full of blood and head wounds. You are deserted on a zombie-infested island (or something) and need to defend your shelter. You start out alone, with a simple pistol, and slowly advance to better weapons and gather more people to help you shoot those ugly monsters. The game isn't easy (until you get the Barrett...) but very satisfying. Don't play this game in a dark room, when you are all alone.

>> Click here to play The Last Stand


Duke Nukem 3D

Oldie but goldie. The game was released on 1996 and it features the coolest tough guy ever - Duke Nukem. There's not much to it: Monsters. Guns. Kill. Blood. Simple. There's some word on a "Duke Nukem Forever" sequel, but as it looks right now, we might actually WAIT forever for it to come out. Anyway, it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum - and I'm all out of gum.


Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

This game can easily suck up a good 45 minutes of your time - if you are good enough. It's all about killing zombies, but in a fun, aggressive way. You get a variety of weapons, that improve impressively during the game, and you can create more and more damage as time passes. Only problem is - the zombies are getting faster and the demons are getting meaner. It's a great game - simple but captivating, and very challenging at the high stages. As more and more blood covers the floor of the room, you'll find yourself WANTING for them to come for you. There's a lot of mayhem to be done, and that's the most important thing to help a person relax. Great game!

>> Click here to play Boxhead