Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 5 Cats and Kittens Clips

Post a clip that contains a cute cat or kitten on YouTube, and you are guaranteed to be at least a minor hit. It's no secret that cats and kittens clips are a success in video site. Cat-related content is usually very popular on the net. The success of LOLcats speaks for itself - although it's not all about cats in LOLcats.

I love cats and kittens clips myself, and I see many of them every day. Most of them are cute and sweet, but over the years - a few really stood out. I picked what I consider the Top 5 Cats and Kittens Clips:


Silly Kittens: Anyone who ever had cats in the house, must have experienced this annoying and funny incident. I find it hilarious, even after quite a few views.

Watch this cat clip on YouTube


Talkin Cats - The Translation: The original clip, which was a hit on YouTube, featured two cats "talking" to each other via meows and purrs. This one is much better, in my opinion, and also a hell of a lot funnier.

Watch this cat clip on YouTube


Cat Bloopers: Oldie but goldie. One of the funniest cat clips around - originated at some TV show, somewhere in the 90s.

Watch this cat clip on YouTube


Sparta - The Mean Kitty Song: Cute guy, cute cat, cute song - who needs more?

Watch this cat clip on YouTube


Simon's "Wake Up" Cat: This animated clip features no real cat, but cat owners swear that thier pets act EXACTLY like this black-and-white-2D-cat right here. My top pick - Simon's Cat.

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