Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Needed: A "Meh" Button on StumbleUpon

I have a suggestion for the developers of StumbleUpon, which will improve their product tenfold.

StumbleUpon is a lovely tool. It gets you around the net easily, helps you discover new sites and interesting bits of information and it's really good for killing time when you seemed to have run out of sites to browse.

Of course, the Thumbs Up-Thumbs Down rating system adds to the fun. StumbleUpon is supposed to give you a personalized experience of the internet. It's not perfect, but it works. You like a site - vote up. You hate it and don't want to ever see it - vote down.

Many a times, though, I get to a site that I don't like, but I don't dislike either. It's simply, well, a "Meh" site. It's neither hot nor cold, neither funny nor sad, neither moving nor annoying - it simply does nothing for you. It's meh.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term: according to Urban Dictionary, Meh is the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders, or a statement that suggests indifference - to be used when one simply does not care.

I suggest a new button for SU - a Meh button. This way, I can express my opinion of the site quickly and easily, and tell StumbleUpon to bring me better links from now on. It's not like a thumbs-down, but it allows me to say something about the site (Hey, I'm too lazy to write a review every second) and not just Stumble away for the next one, keeping SU wondering if it did a good job.

So, what do you think about that? Yeah, I know, I know. Meh.


Caroline Middlebrook said...

I guess I would think of the absence of voting as 'meh'. I just hit stumble again for those sites, I certainly don't thumb every page.