Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Racism in a Miniclip Game?

I just found myself in front of Miniclip - something that I haven't done since my addiction to Sushi-Go-Round. Not that Miniclip is a bad site or anything. It's just that sites like Kongregate and Armor Games are more to my taste.

Anyway, I went to see what's new in the casual games arena, and came across a game called China 2008 - a quick Olympics game for those who miss this genre of games (like me). The game is pretty cool, but that's not the point. After a quick game, I went back to the opening screen, where you have to choose your player. The game presents you with 4 athletes with stupid names, but the thing that caught my attention was this. The only Afro-American player of the four, was curiously named "Outsider". Hint? Coincidence? Racism? Who knows. Here's a screenshot, so you can see for yourself:


Dan said...

What language does the game's creator speak primarily? Could just be a bad translation. I think their names are supposed to give sports-relevant "personality" to the characters. "Old Star" could supposably be an aging champion, "Front Runner" the favorite to win, and "Outsider" the one with an "outside chance" of winning. In this view, "Miniclipman" would just... fuck, I dunno.