Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Anonymous Expects 300,000 Protesters to Join Demonstrations against Scientology

NBC11 reports that Anonymous, the hackers organization that waged war on Scientology, expects some 300,000 people to show up for the protests scheduled for February 10th.

An Anonymous woman told NBC11: "We are having members of Anonymous from all over the world join the protest at their local church of Scientology at 11 AM local time". She also added that "Everyone in the world is invited".

Anonymous is trying very hard to look more serious to the public eye, and shake away the image that they are a group of "hacking kids".

Anonymous successes thus far include a DoS attack on Scientology internet sites, and a campaign of Google bombing that made the Church of Scientology the first hit whenever anyone enters the search string "dangerous cult". Are they going to have the same success in the "real world"?

Anonymous is planning another large protest - two days after church founder L. Ron Hubbard's birthday - on March 15th.

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