Monday, February 4, 2008

Boo, Daddy

Man, is that the oldest, most boring trick in the book, or what? made a hell of a lot of noise when they got their Superbowl commercial rejected by Fox. They have earned millions in free publicity for this stupid stunt. The rejected commercial is in their web site. It got rejected because of the stupid word-games in it, especially those who include the word Beaver.

GoDaddy promises the "exposure" of Danica Patrick in the clip, but the mundane video shows nothing of the sort. No exposure whatsoever. Plus - the rejected commercial isn't really funny or interesting. Nothing to see, really. GoDaddy will air another commercial on Fox, instead of the banned one. The commercial will send the viewers to, where they can see the "banned", boring video.

So, GoDaddy gets a commercial rejection, they make a lot of web noise, get a lot of traffic, conquer the top of Google Trends for a while, and all because of a pair of promised tits that aren't even there.

YAWN. You would have expected something a bit more impressive from a successful web site.

You can rate the video in GoDaddy, but you can't see how others have voted. I wonder why.