Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous Sets the Rules Against Scientology

The latest news regarding "Anonymous VS Scientology" relate to an Anthrax scare. No, this in not the Gulf War all over again. Still, envelopes containing white powder were sent to 19 different Scientology locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

In case you worried - initial tests indicated the powder was harmless.

In the mean time, Anonymous has posted another video, setting rules for those who plan to join the demonstration. The first rule is "Stay Cool", which sounds almost funny, until you hear the rest of the instruction given in the video. Anonymous forbids violence, alcohol or vandalism during the protest, and gives some general advice to those who intend to come. Anonymous also advises to the protesters to bring water and to document the demonstration in any way possible. The demonstration against Scientology is supposed to take place on February 10th.

Have fun storming the castle, boys...


SmaDo said...

Quick denials from "Anonymous" where ever you look, ain't that interesting. And I thought you "Anonymous" are just a disorganized group of script kiddies who do not even know each other? What's next, 711chans? Murder? I hope they'll get you and I won't have a grain of sympathy when you end up in jail for stirring up hate crimes.

Revital Salomon said...

So, you are saying that Scientology is all OK and does nothing wrong?

Anonymous said...

Just a random scientologist troll, lulz

"What's next, 711chans? Murder?"

Non sequitur personified. Scientologists have been performing black ops like this on networking groups like 'alt.religion.scientology' almost since its conception. They post wild accusations and slanderous material. It's meant ot give the impression of public opinion swinging against the vicitm, or to scare them into shutting up. Effectively, it involves spouting crap like this as an effort against information dissemination, or the infiltration and systematic obliteration of an online community through sockpuppet accounts, gianign and misusing trust etc. Anonymous as an internet collective sometimes behaves in a similar fashion, calling it, 'psi ops'; the difference is, Scientologists are *ordered* to do this by their superiors. The anonymous, 'legion' does it because they find it hilarious.