Monday, June 16, 2008

Spore Penis Creatures and Monsters

Spore is an eagerly awaited computer game, which is generating a lot of interest around the web. While we wait for the real deal, the developers released all kinds of previews and demos, in which the players can start creating creatures.

Which, of course, makes for a lot of genitalia-related creatures. In other words - boys will be boys, and YouYube is full of stupid clips of creatures with a huge penis, and even creatures that are in the form of a penis. Here are some hilarious examples:

The Dancing Spore Penis

The Spore Penis Monster

Spore Penis Goblin

Spore Penis Creature

The Jumping Spore Penis Creature

Somehow related, and funny as hell, although it's rather old now - check out Robin Williams playing Spore. The funnies man on earth.

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