Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Cool Food-Themed Games

These are the games you shouldn't play when you are hungry or on a diet. They are the games that make you think and deal with sushi, pizza, hamburger and cakes.

There are many food games out there. Not surprisingly, a lot of them are time management games. It seems that Diner Dash has influenced this genre of game, and a lot of them are related to restaurants and food.

Here are 5 cool and fun food related games. You can play some of them online - and download the rest.

Cake Mania 1, 2 & 3

Although the graphics are not very realistic, Cake Mania is a very appetizing game. This time management game was developed in 2006 and became a big hit - which is why it has two sequels already. Your goal is to deliver cakes to the customers, as quickly as possible and without mistakes. The cakes you deliver to your customers are very colorful and lovely, and might make you thing about chocolate frosting and the smell of a cake baking in the oven. All in all - a yummy game.

Papa's Pizzeria

Ahhh, pizza. The ultimate junk food, the best comfort food, the food you never get tired of. That is, until you are forced to serve it to dozens of customers a day, I guess. Papa's Pizzeria is also a time management game, which you can play online. In this game, you are required to take customer's orders, make their pizza according to their specific requests, cut it nicely - and deliver it to them. You get grades according to the accuracy in which you performed all of the requests, and the tip varies accordingly. As with many other games - it starts easy and becomes very tricky as you progress.

Cooking Dash

There's no food games post without mentioning the famous Flo, I guess. Cooking Dash is yet another time management game, and is one of many sequels to Diner Dash. In Cooking Dash, you don't just serve the food - you also cook it, which makes it a very challenging game. The sounds of the kitchen realistic and it's hard to avoid thinking about deep frying, big sandwiches and sweet desserts. Cooking Dash is a fast-pace food game, for those already seasoned (ha ha) in time management games.

Sushi Go Round

This is one of the sweetest, coolest online games. I keep coming back to it, since it's always challenging and fun. In Sushi Go Round, you are serving sushi to your customers. They ask for different kinds of sushi, and you have to prepare the food, remember the recipe for each sushi piece, make sure you have enough supplies, serve the food quickly and clear the plates when the clients are done eating, so new clients can have a seat. Since the sushi is served on a conveyor belt, sometimes the dish you prepare for one customer gets snatched by another, so the fun never ends. It's a great game to take your minds off of things - unless you are craving sushi, of course.

Burger Shop

Burger Shop is a very cool game. It's looks like a regular time management game - serve the costumers, keep them happy, be quick etc., but it has many twists and winks, and it also feature cool music and sweet graphics. It's also one of the more challenging games in the foodish games category. Play enough time, and you will seriously crave a burger. With bacon. And cheese. And everything else, too.


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